Final episode of Anime School Days cancelled in Japan after teenage girl kills father with ax

Television Kanagawa has decided to cancel the final episode of the anime “School Days,” which shows a high school girl acting violently, in response to the recent murder of a Kyoto Prefectural Police officer by his 16-year-old daughter. “School Days” depicts a love triangle between three high school students: Makoto Ito, Kotonoha Katsura and Sekai Saionji. Episodes have been screened on Television Kanagawa and other UHF stations since July this year. The computer love simulation game on which the anime was based has about 20 different endings and one shows a high school girl slashing a victim with a knife. Television Kanagawa officials said that the last episode of the anime shows a schoolgirl acting violently. To tone down the scene, the victim’s blood was made black instead of red, but after the killing in Kyoto on Tuesday, officials decided to cancel the episode.

Anime is an abbreviation of the word “animation”. Outside Japan, the term most popularly refers to animation originating in Japan. To the West, not all animation is considered anime; anime is considered a subset of animation.