Flying Superyacht Watertoys: Jetpacks and Flyboards

Every charter yacht fan remembers the first time they saw someone on a jetpack, soaring above the water doing flips through the air, and diving down into the water to launch up into the sky again. It was as if the future had arrived.

Powered by jets of water from an attached jetski, the original Jetlev jetpack instantly became one of the most popular watertoys in the superyacht market, with yacht guests having hours of fun being propelled into the air with a jetpack strapped to their back, the plumes of water keeping them airborne as they learnt to somersault, backflip and spin in the air.

In the years since, flyboards have also hit the market, which run on the same jetski propulsion system, but instead of having a jetpack on your back, you stand on a board.

This creates a different flying experience due to the different centre of balance-some find the Jetpack easier, others (particularly those used to board sports) will find the flyboard easier to fly. There are other differences too, as the Jetpack is reportedly better for performing 360s, while the rival flyboard often gets the votes for flips.

Either way, jetpacks and flyboards are a phenomenon in the superyacht world, and the charter yachts that carry them are highly sought after.
One popular charter yacht that carries a jetpack in its watertoy chest is the stunning Blohm & Voss yacht, 80m M/Y GRAND OCEAN. Launched in 1990, this spectacular German-built superyacht has classic exterior styling and an opulent interior designed by the late Albert Pinto. The most unforgettable feature is surely the huge aft deck swimming pool with its spectacular mosaic and fibre optic display, but this yacht impresses on many levels with its private master terrace with Jacuzzi, a floor-to ceiling aquarium in the 18-person dining room, and a large gymnasium on the upper deck. GRAND OCEAN accommodates up to 14 guests in seven sumptuous staterooms, including two superbly-appointed master suites.

The fun on charter continues down at the waterline, with a wide array of watertoys including the jetpack, a Jet Board, JetSki, banana boat, kayaks, wakeboard and waterskis.

There’s nothing quite like flying above the water on a jetpack off the back of your charter yacht, your friends and family watching from the deck. Imagine how many tricks you could learn with a week- long superyacht charter onboard a yacht with a jetpack or flyboard?