ForgeGuard -World’s first viewer-type anti-counterfeit label that supports full-color images

Fuhjifilm today announced the launch of ForgeGuard- the world’s first anti-counterfeit label which can be seen full-color images or text clearly with a special viewer. The newly introduced ForgeGuard taps into Fujifilm’s technologies for proprietary functional material, precision processing, and image design. It is an anti-counterfeit label that regulates light wavelengths on the nano-optic level, so those with special viewers can see hidden full – color images. The use of a special viewer makes this label difficult to forge, as it effectively masks the type of anti-counterfeit technology applied.

ForgeGuard can display a high-resolution full-color image, a worldwide first for anti-counterfeiting technology, thus making counterfeits even more difficult to produce. ForgeGuard is available in three types; (1) sticker label, (2) ID-size laminating pouch with ForgeGuard in the ID photo section, and (3) roll film with ForgeGuard on the full surface. The use of a new digital drawing system eliminates the need to prepare an original printing plate, and accommodates small-lot orders of around 100,000 pieces.