Fujifilm launches Manga Innovation website for production of e-comics

Fujifilm Manga Innovation website enables users over the internet to experience latest software technologies developed for the production of e-comics. Users can try out various technologies included in Fujifilm’s eBook authoring software GT-EpubAuthor for Fixed Layout Ver.1.4 launched in December 2012. e-comics is the driving force behind the Japanese domestic eBook market and is estimated to be 50 Billion Yen ($5.57 billion)in the FY 2011 and is expected to grow steadily.

The rapid rise in smartphones and tablets and the multi-device ability of eBooks and the entry of Rakuten’s Kobo and Amazon’s kindle among others will further lead to further market activity. Some of the popular comics for young people have also been published in e-comics format and the size of e-comics market is expected to grow further.

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