Fujifilm introduces Astalift skincare products to the European market

astalift_iproducts.jpgFujifilm is introducing skincare products based on its proprietary technologies to the European market with a view to expand its healthcare business operations. The Astalift series is a comprehensive anti-aging skincare brand, developed by using the findings of collagen research, anti-oxidization technology and nano-technology accumulated over many years of research and development of photosensitive materials. Containing the skin-replenishing collagen and astaxanthin, an increasingly-popular skin conditioning agent approximately 1,000 times more powerful than the coenzyme Q10, the products have received overwhelming support from women who seek to maintain beauty of natural youthful skin since the launch in 2007.

The brand includes base makeup items that control light absorption and reflection launched in Japan this September. In the worldwide market, Astalift skincare products were introduced in Hong Kong and Mainland China in September last year, with the sales region already expanded to Southeast Asia.The Astalift series of skincare products, which have earned high user acclaim in Japan and China, will be launched in France in February 2012, to be followed by other countries in Europe.