Fujifilm next-generation inkjet digital press- Jet Press 720 launched in Japan

Fujifilm today announced the launch of the next-generation inkjet digital press Jet Press 720 for the Japanese market. Fujifilm Jet Press 720 is the first printer in the world that achieves high-speed printing with 4-level grayscale at 1200dpi on B2 sized sheet (maximum paper size: 750mm x 530mm), delivering image quality exceeding offset printing. Such high performance is achieved through the single-pass system, in which a printhead is aligned in straight line to increase the print width so that printing completes in one pass of a printhead.

Jet Press 720 uses the inkjet digital printing technology that combines Fujifilm’s inkjet material technology and Fujifilm Dimatix’s printhead technology to offer high productivity as an advanced printing system.Fujifilm Jet Press 720’s standard price on delivery in Japan excluding tax is approximately180 million yen ($2.3166 million).