Fujitsu Develops Task-Oriented Dialogue Technology with AI

Fujitsu_Task-Oriented Dialogue Technology with AIFujitsu announced the development of technology that can be easily set up and autonomously carry on a dialogue, based on AI technology. The new technology can structurally extract the relationships between word meanings of input text to deal with the multiple meanings, ambiguity and other problems particular to Japanese language expressions, enabling a highly accurate understanding of users’ speech and realizing smooth dialogue. The technology is intended primarily for customer service support.

fujitsu_aizinraiFujitsu carried out a field trial of these technologies on certain customer support tasks for Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, Japan. The field trial demonstrated that correct responses could be achieved during a natural conversation. These technologies use Fujitsu Limited’s AI technology, Human Centric AI Zinrai. Through these technologies, information service providers can quickly implement a system that suggests recommended products and service plans through a natural dialogue user interface, without preparing complicated scenarios based on their services ahead of time.

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