Fujitsu Develops Technology that Speeds up in-database, large-scale analyses by a factor of approx. 400

Fujitsu_Genomic InformationFujitsu Laboratories today announced the development of a technology that accelerates database analyses of the correlations between genomic variations and environmental information, such as disease and lifestyle habits. This technology speeds up the process by a factor of roughly 400 compared to existing methods.Thanks to advances in genomic medicine, it is possible to analyze genomic and genetic information in combination with clinical and environmental information to study the relationship between genetic factors and environmental factors. This kind of research relies on genomic information stored in databases in order to analyze the information from different perspectives, but because of the massive volumes of genomic information being handled, there is the problem of the lengthy time required for processing.

Aggregation processing using genome-type data structureFujitsu Laboratories has greatly accelerated analysis processing by introducing a new data structure that makes it possible to rapidly analyze large-scale genomic information within a database. This technology makes it possible to acquire knowledge that previously was difficult to obtain quickly, aiding the advance of genomic medical research. Details of this technology are being presented at the 19th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT 2016), opening March 15 in Bordeaux, France.

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