Fujitsu Enetune Cloud-based Energy Management System helps to optimize energy usage

Fujitsu today announced the development of Enetune, a cloud-based energy management system (EMS) service to be available starting at the end of June. The service collects energy data from all of a company’s business locations, including leased or rented buildings and retail locations. By consolidating and centrally managing this data in the cloud, businesses can bring integrated and cross-sectional clarity to their energy usage. In order to flexibly respond to a variety of changes in the power usage landscape in Japan, including an overburdened power supply, rising electricity costs and revised energy-conservation laws, businesses are increasingly facing a need to further enhance energy management with the aim of streamlining utilize of energy.

Beginning in late June, Fujitsu will be offering Enetune, a cloud-based EMS service that supports enterprise energy management and provides companies with the essential ability to optimize and improve the efficiency of their energy usage.

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