Fujitsu KIDUKU Project to provide health monitoring technologies and assisted Independent Living for smart house residents in Ireland

Fujitsu today announced the launch of the KIDUKU Project, a research initiative that aims to provide monitoring services and assisted independent living for senior citizens and patients who live in smart houses. The project’s name, KIDUKU, captures the essence of two Japanese words, both pronounced “kiduku,” with the first meaning “to be aware” and the second, “to construct. The project will commence in July 2013 in Ireland, and will last for three years. It is being carried out in collaboration with three Irish research institutions—TRIL, CASALA, and CLARITY—each of which has pursued monitoring, diagnostic support and other advanced activities involving the use of ICT in a variety of scenarios, including medicine and daily life.

Over the course of the project, researchers will utilize a range of sensors to monitor patients’ daily lives, in addition to bringing the expertise of independent living support specialists together with data visualization and analysis technologies. As a result, Fujitsu Laboratories aims to develop a system that supports independent living through health management and ICT, as well as solutions for seniors and patients that participate in this system.The research will help seniors and patients follow up with illnesses and support with appropriate treatment regimens. In addition, by streamlining the sharing of information among senior citizens and patients and their family members, primary physicians, and specialists, the project aims to leverage ICT to support the lives of people in an aging society

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