Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Virtualization Technology that Brings Security and Operability to Web Applications

Fujitsu_ Virtualization TechnologyFujitsu Laboratories has developed Virtualization Technology for web applications that run on smart devices or wearables. The new technology automatically separates the user interface processing (UI processing) from the data processing. With this technology, data processing is executed in the cloud, and the UI processing is executed on the smart device side. As a result, new web applications running on smart devices or wearables can have a work application execution environment that is as secure as a thin client environment while achieving outstanding operability. The new technology delivers the same level of security as thin clients while offering an exceptional degree of operability.

smart_deviceIn recent years, there have been increasing expectations that the use of smart devices and wearables in a variety of front-line scenarios will lead to greater efficiency in business operations. When a high degree of confidentiality is required for the data used by these devices, such as patient data or confidential company data, thin client environments, which leave no trace of the data on the devices, are ideal from a security perspective.
FujitsuGenerally, thin clients are environments in which screen data is frequently sent and received. As a result, depending on the status of the mobile network or the processing performance on the device side, lags of up to about a second can occur, and operations that are unique to smart devices, such as swiping are effected. The use of this newly developed virtualization technology enables smart devices to be utilized in business operations when using web applications in a mobile environment. This can be achieved with both security and the high level of operability characteristic of smart devices.

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