Fujitsu Launches Automated Identification Technology Solution for Aircraft Parts Suppliers Worldwide

Fujitsu today expanded and enhanced its automated identification technology (AIT) solution for aircraft parts suppliers worldwide, offering management of individual parts and accurate traceability of RFID and other AIT tags that are affixed to aircraft parts. By affixing tags to parts during the manufacturing process, aircraft parts suppliers can capture data about parts, such as manufacture date, configuration, and even maintenance service records, using the standards-compliant format demanded by the industry. This makes it possible to accurately trace a part’s lifecycle from manufacture to maintenance.

The Fujitsu solution is comprised of AIT tags, readers/writers, middleware, and applications, and complies with the aviation industry’s rigorous environmental resistance standards as well as with ATA Spec 2000 Chapter 9-5(2), a standard data format in the aviation industry. The solution results in more accurate and more efficient management of parts in the safety-oriented aviation industry, as well as a faster delivery cycle and reduced stock shortages thanks to greater visibility of the parts supply chain. It can also help maximize cash flow by reducing inventory – including channel inventory – and work-in-process.

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