Fujitsu launches worlds first cloud service for the health care of dogs in Japan

Fujitsu today announced the worlds first cloud service dedicated for health care and prevention of obesity for dogs. By attaching the Danto One pedometer (for dogs) to the collar of the dog, the owner via mobile phones/ laptop can keep a check on his pet’s health. The Danto One pedometer automatically records the health of the dog and as it is stored in cloud, the owner can check his pets health any time as a graph. The pedometer records temperature change, trembling, amount of food and the number of steps of the dog. Using acceleration sensor 3D, the number of steps is based on the length of the dogs legs and the movement of the front legs determine the speed.

With the increase in single person households and the progress of the aging society especially in Japan, pets are treated as family members. People have undergone a major change in the environment surrounding the pets and people. The Danto One pedometer helps to track the health of the dog and take the necessary meditation when needed. The service will be launched in Japan by this month end.

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