Fujitsu Uses AR Technology in 3D Superimposed Product Design Diagnostic Solution

Fujitsu today announced the launch of its FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution 3D Superimposed Product Design Diagnostic, a PLM solution for manufacturers that visualizes differences between product component photos and their 3D blueprints. This solution is available today, initially only in Japan. The solution can greatly increase the efficiency of diagnostic procedures in which each manufacturing component previously had to be inspected visually or manually.

By superimposing 3D blueprints (STL files) over pictures of manufactured components taken with such devices as smartphones or tablets, the user is easily able to find if there are any differences. Because the diagnostic for each component will be completed in a few minutes, it enables diagnoses for all components, which was previously difficult due to time restrictions and other issues. In addition, the system enables early detection of manufacturing defects, eliminating the need to send items back during temporary assembly operations. The results of the diagnostic are saved, and can be used to share knowledge, improve management, and keep a record of quality.

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