Fujitsu and Co-Op Kobe launches home-delivery dinner service in Nishinomiya City Japan

Fujitsu and the Consumer Co-operative Kobe will begin to roll-out a home-delivery dinner service that provides safely packaged meals and other dishes on a daily basis starting on April 1, 2011, with Nishinomiya City. In preparation for the new service, the Consumer Co-operative Kobe (Co-op Kobe) worked in collaboration with Fujitsu to build the system that provides total management and support for home-delivery dinner operations, ranging from menu ordering to processing and delivery. The system recently began operations.

By offering home-delivered dinners, Co-Op Kobe will deliver a new type of service which accommodates the lifestyles of co-op members, including those who are elderly, disabled, or live alone. The service hopes to contribute to the creation of a prosperous city in which residents can enjoy a new type of convenience without any added worries.