Fujitsu announces world’s lowest drive voltage DQPSK LN optical modulator

Fujitsu Limited today announced the development of the world’s lowest drive voltage DQPSK LN optical modulator for 40 Gbps optical transmission systems. The product, which will make possible the construction of commercial systems with greater reliability, low power consumption and superior transmission quality, will be available June 1, 2007. 40 Gbps core optical network systems are being increasingly deployed in response to dramatic increases in data transmission traffic brought about by the global expansion of broadband networks. While many optical transmission signal encoding methods are under consideration, DQPSK transmission technology is becoming essential due to its strength against signal distortions resulting from transmission fibers and relay nodes, as well as its superior bandwidth efficiency.

Fujitsu’s new LN modulator achieves a drive voltage of 4.0 V, the lowest in the world, making it a practical optical modulator for use in commercial systems.