Fujitsu Laboratories develops worlds first Datacenter Simulator for accurate calculations of a datacenter’s power consumption

Fujitsu Laboratories today announced the development of the world’s first simulation technology that can instantly test for changes in power consumption throughout a datacenter—where numerous servers are operated—when operating status of servers or air-conditioning equipment is altered. Reducing electricity consumption at datacenters requires an integrated approach that takes into account ICT hardware, air conditioning, and other equipment. In a datacenter with an ever-changing operational profile, however, it is difficult to predict how changes to the operating status of ICT hardware and air conditioning equipment will impact the datacenter’s overall power consumption.

Fujitsu Laboratories have developed technology that can determine thermal flows inside a building at calculation speeds over 1,000 times faster than was previously possible, as well as technology that completely models the ICT hardware, air conditioning and other equipment of a running datacenter. This, in turn, enables accurate calculations of a datacenter’s power consumption. The new technology will make it possible to test the effectiveness of energy-saving measures prior to execution in a running datacenter. This has the potential to significantly reduce the overall power consumption of datacenters.