Fujitsu launches new third wave of products in its FM3 Family

Fujitsu today announced the launch of the third wave of products in its FM3 Family of new 32-bit RISC microcontrollers based on the ARM CortexTM-M3 processor core, which debuted in November of last year. In total, Fujitsu is releasing 64 new products, which incrementally will be made available in sample quantities.The new products are divided into two groups: a High Performance Group with a total of 54 products that includes the MB9B610/510/410/310/210/110 Series, the MB9BF618TPMC, and other products; and an Ultra-Low Leak Group with a total of 10 products that includes the MB9A130 Series, the MB9AF132LPMC, and other products.

The MB9B610/510/410/310/210/110 Series in the High Performance Group are designed for processor-intensive system controllers and communications-oriented systems, with CAN and USB2.0 functionality, as well as the industry’s first 2-channel Ethernet-MAC support. The Fujitsu MB9A130 Series in the Ultra-Low Leak Group is optimized for a broad range of battery-powered applications and low-cost products.