Fujitsu markets UHF-Band RFID Tags for Garment Management outside Japan

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech Limited are expanding sales of UHF-band RFID tags for garment management to markets outside Japan, beginning today. Small, thin and boasting superior durability, the tags will be marketed primarily in North America, Europe, and China. Fujitsu RFID garment tags combine thinness with superior durability, strength and flexibility. The waterproof tags can withstand heat, bending and pressure during washing, and in addition, because of their small size and softness, they can be attached to a wide variety of fabrics and garments without compromising the comfort of the garment wearer.

With their UHF-band capabilities, multiple contactless tags can be read simultaneously, raising operational efficiency. In addition to the garment tags compatible with bandwidth frequencies used in Japan, Fujitsu will begin sales of tags for markets outside of Japan, including North America, Europe, and China.