Fujitsu Offers Energy-Saving Green Infrastructure Solution

Fujitsu today began offering the Green Infrastructure Solution service with the aim of optimizing the energy efficiency of the facilities that house customers’ IT equipment, including buildings and machine rooms as well as incidental facilities, such as for electric power and cooling, which all together account for more than half the power consumed by a data center. Fujitsu has developed know-how on optimizing the energy efficiency of facilities housing IT equipment, primarily through the design and operation of 50 data centers across Japan used by the Fujitsu Group. The Company will leverage this expertise to provide customers with consulting, design, deployment, and operation services aimed at building highly energy-efficient IT facilities. In order to optimize energy efficiency, Fujitsu Architects & Engineers, a group of Fujitsu specialists with expertise in both IT and construction, will assist customers with the planning, design, deployment, and operation of their IT facilities.

By making IT facilities more energy efficient and reducing their power costs and environmental burden, Green Infrastructure Solution services will contribute toward lessening the environmental impact not only of Fujitsu customers but of society on the whole.