Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision EP series electronic display board

Fujitsu Frontech today announced development and commercial introduction of indoor display board “Super Frontech Vision EP series”, which adopts multiple color electronic papers and realizing ultra low-power operation. Super Frontech Vision EP series is slim (25mm to 54mm) and compact display which integrates multiple color electronic papers. Six models from 12-inch to 48-inch depending on number of panels integrated is available. These models commonly incorporate 12-inch color electronic paper at most 16 panels. The electronic display board can be placed in both vertical and horizontal directions. For larger sizes Fujitsu accepts special order up to 120-inch (10 x 10). Color electronic paper keeps a still image without power once drawn on the panel. Power is required only to redraw the image. Because lithium polymer battery is built in each panel, it can be operated for at most three hours without AC power supply even when blackout occurs.

Fujitsu Super Frontech Vision EP series electronic display board can be used for several purposes such as an electronic board for work instruction at a factory or as electronic information board at public places. Fujitsu Frontech electronic display board is available in two color variations; silver and off-black. Price starts from 346,500 yen ($2,825) to 5,512,500 yen ($44,952.) depending on the models. Software for basic control costs approximately 210,000 yen ($1,712) while for panel control 52,500 yen ($428) per panel.