Fujitsu TeamStore/M-Point-of-Sale System for supermarkets and large retailers

Fujitsu today announced a point-of-sale (POS) system for supermarkets and other large retailers. Fujitsu
TeamStore/M features an easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate screen design that uses a large font size and a simple function button layout. This makes the POS system much easier to use, reducing wait time for customers while streamlining the checkout process. As TeamStore/M is compliant with the GS1 databar- which stores more information than conventional barcodes, it can display on-screen alerts based on encoded use-by dates, thus preventing the sale of expired goods and contributing to food safety.

The Fujitsu POS system can send information such as individual store data, to a central location through a network so that data currently handled by POS servers in each individual store can be consolidated onto a main server. This reduces overall space and electricity requirements and thereby helps to create an environmentally responsible system. Fujitsu TeamStore/M will be on display at Fujitsu Forum 2009, running May 14–15 at the Tokyo International Forum.