Fujitsu Ten DREC2000 consumer drive recorder to record video of accidents

DREC2000- a consumer drive recorder to record video of accidents, from Fujitsu Ten Ltd. Japan features a video output port on its main body to enable users to check video images in a vehicle using a car navigation system monitor, etc. The frame rate is increased from the existing product at 10 fps to 30 fps. Furthermore, the new recorder uses an SD memory card for the recording medium, instead of a CF card used in the existing model. The 512MB SD memory card that comes with the product can hold 15 recordings. The recorder can store up to 60 recordings using a 2GB card, the company said. The CCD camera provided to shoot accident scenes has a 135° horizontal view angle and 105° vertical viewing angle, whereas those in the existing model are 134° and 103°, respectively. Fujitsu Ten DREC2000 recorder has a microphone and operating switches integrated with the main body.

The Fujitsu Ten DREC2000 measures70 x 20 x 113 mm which is about 70% smaller than the existing model and costs approximately 52,500 yen ($457). The recorder will be available in mid-October, 2007.