Fujitsu to Launch Nationwide Paper Recycling System in Japan

Fujitsu will introduce a nationwide paper recycling system in Japan on April 1 to process ordinary and confidential wastepaper disposed of by offices of Fujitsu Group companies in Japan. Fujitsu will become the first Japanese company to establish a nationwide system based on unified standards for the collection of paper waste and the secure handling of confidential wastepaper. In addition to generating zero emissions on the processing of ordinary and confidential wastepaper from Fujitsu offices, the new system will reduce overall wastepaper processing costs, utilize an efficient collection system to reduce the burden on the environment, and implement standards for handling of confidential wastepaper to reduce security risks.

Under the new system, ordinary and confidential wastepaper will be efficiently collected and transported from each geographic cluster of Fujitsu offices through centrally managed collection rounds, and then processed in accordance with strict and uniform handling standards, thereby resulting in a lower burden on the environment, higher security, and lower costs.