Google knocks Microsoft from its perch as world’s most valuable brand

Google has knocked Microsoft from its perch as the world’s top-ranked brand, according to findings released on Monday. The rankings, compiled by market research firm Millward Brown, also put Google ahead of well-established brands like General Electric, No 2; Coca-Cola., No 4; Wal-Mart Stores, No 7; and IBM, No 9.For Google, which ranked No 7 a year ago, the jump to the top underscores how quickly the web search leader has become an everyday name. The company uses relatively little advertising, instead relying on word-of-mouth promotion. The top-ranked brand from a non-US-based company was China Mobile, which dropped a spot but still came in at No 5.

The rankings were based on publicly available financial data along with primary research, including interviews with a million consumers worldwide, Millward Brown said. Eileen Campbell, global chief executive of Millward Brown, said the rankings showed “a blend of good business leadership, responsible financial management and powerful marketing can be leveraged to create and grow corporate wealth.”