Grand Seiko’s largest Flagship Boutique in Japan opens tomorrow in Ginza

Grand S.eiko announced that its largest flagship boutique in Japan will open its doors on June 24th, 2023 in Ginza. This is the third Grand Seiko Boutique in the Ginza district of Tokyo and is located on the iconic Namiki Street, renowned for its rich lineup of luxury stores. The 218-square-meter boutique includes a spacious lounge on the second floor, which is also available for demonstrations and special events.

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The contemporary feel of the new boutique captures the new brand message, Alive in Time, which expresses Grand Seiko’s determination to continue innovating and pushing back watchmaking boundaries as well as its commitment to a vibrant dynamism and an endless passion for perfection.

The boutique’s interior evokes the beauty of Japanese aesthetics and culture and expresses the essence of Grand Seiko’s philosophy, The Nature of Time.  At the entrance and throughout the store, a traditional Japanese style of woodwork known as kumiko decorates the new construction. Made of light-colored wood, the watch showcases provide a sense of the craftsmanship, precision, and uniquely Japanese quality of Grand Seiko. We are pleased to open our third boutique in Ginza, Tokyo, where the Seiko company was founded in 1881, said Seiko Watch Corporation President Akio Naito.

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