Green Powered Mazda all-star 2008 games to reduce 6.6 tons of CO2 emissions!

Mazda will provide electricity generated from renewable sources, such as wind power, solar power, and biomass, for two all-star games organized by the Nippon Professional Baseball Association in Japan. Eco-friendly ‘green electricity’ will be made available for the games under the “Green Power Certification System.” Mazda will provide the electricity to illuminate the nighttime all-star 2008 games indirectly, by purchasing a “Green Power Certificate” for 12,000 kilowatt hours and presenting it to the Nippon Professional Baseball Association (NPB).

Green powered Mazda all-star 2008 games will be played at the Kyocera Dome Osaka on July 31 and at Yokohama Stadium on August 1, 2008. Using green power for the games is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 6.6 metric tons.