Health and Beauty service for women in Japan predicts their next menstruation period and date of ovulation

Rakuten has teamed up with Toshiba to launch an all-new health and beauty service for women called Rakuten Kirei C Navi, which provides advice and information on a variety of beauty aspects based on female consumers’ basal body temperature. Rakuten Kirei C Navi enables female consumers to automatically upload to their mobile devices their basal body temperature data obtained from a specially designed thermometer developed by Toshiba. This then allows them to track and manage their temperature using an exclusively developed app. This app will help them monitor their basal body temperature on a daily basis, as well as predict their next menstruation period and date of ovulation.

The app will also provide beauty advice on the themes of beauty, diet and fine dining that best matches their body physical condition. This service can be used on Android devices and will be shortly available for iOS devices as well. The service costs 170 yen ($1.78 per month. This also includes the service and specially designed thermometer. Users that register for the service with their Rakuten member ID will have the thermometer delivered directly to their home. Once synced, the app and thermometer will enable users to automatically upload and manage their daily basal body temperature.
Rakuten Kirei_ C Navi
According to a survey of female consumers in their 20s and 30s conducted by Rakuten, only a little less than 10 percent regularly measured their basal body temperature, making it quite clear that this has yet to catch on as a daily practice for most. Basal body temperature data helps females understand their body rhythm (menstruation cycle and hormones) and also provides indications of possible gynecological illnesses. As a result, many women today have reassessed the importance of monitoring their basal body temperature given changes in their working environment, and high levels of stress.

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