Herman Miller C2 Climate Control desktop heating and cooling device

C2.jpgC2 is the innovative comfort device from The Be Collection by Herman Miller that enhances an individual’s personal climate experience—from warm to cool. Through its patented technology, C2 allows the user to adjust his or her personal air temperature and benefit from enhanced air quality provided by its Greenguard-certified particulate air filter. Housed in friendly design to delight its users, C2 was developed to satisfy individuals’ basic needs. At the optimal distance of 18 inches C2 can increase the air temperature up 32 degrees and down 8 degrees from the ambient room temperature. The adjustment from warm to cool as well as the on/off is through a touch of the lighted control. The user can also control the direction and speed of the airflow. The speed of the fan is adjusted with a slide of the finger on the touch pad and the air flow direction is adjusted with the roller ball on the top of the unit.

C2 is a small personal appliance that is easy to move and addresses an individual’s need for a cooling breeze or a warm flow of clean air, allowing for personal comfort control. The C2 is 41 percent recyclable, and businesses can count it toward environmental certification using the points-based LEED system. It also uses 90 percent less energy than a typical space heater