Hitachi unveils Slim Cordless Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner with strong suction power

Hitachi Appliances today announced a cordless cyclone vacuum cleaner in Japan with a suction power 10 times stronger than its predecessor. Hitachi Appliances realized the strong suction power of the cleaner, Power Boost Cyclone PV-BC500, by using a newly developed brushless motor, etc. The new vacuum cleaner can be used both as a stick type and handy type. It can be used as a stick type by extending the extension pipe of the handle for floor cleaning and as a handy type by rotating the handle to clean a desktop, chair, car interior, etc.

Hitachi_direct-current brushless motorThe center of gravity is near the floor in the stick mode and near the hand in the handy mode so that less load is applied to the hand. It takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge the 2,500mAh lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery of the cleaner. The cleaner can be continuously used for about 30 minutes in the normal mode and about eight minutes in the high-power mode.
Hitachi_cordless_vacuum_cleaner_ballIn a demonstration during the launch, Hitachi Appliances used the cleaner to lift up a 6-pound (about 3kg) bowling ball to show its suction power. While the predecessor uses an alternating-current brushless motor, the new cleaner is equipped with a high-revolution direct-current brushless motor.
Hitachi_cordless_vacuum_cleaner_light-weight motorHitachi realized the small, light-weight motor by using glass fiber-based composite resin for its casing and blade. Also, it improved motor efficiency by about 20% by optimizing its revolution speed at 85,000rpm. Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone PV-BC500, cordless vacuum cleaner will be available in Japan from Feb 21, 2015 for approximately ¥80,000 (US$678).

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