Hitachi unveils world’s fastest elevator that can ascend 95 floors in roughly 43 seconds!

Hitachi has revealed that it has developed the world’s fastest elevator, with a speed of 1,200 meters per minute. The new elevator can ascend 95 floors in roughly 43 seconds. Engineers at Hitachi achieved the ultra-high speed by developing a powerful motor. They have also made the cables 30 percent lighter. The elevator uses double the normal number of vibration control devices to ensure that passengers feel comfortable. In all, Hitachi will install a total of 95 elevators at the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, including the two high-speed elevators, 28 double-deck elevators and ultra-high-speed elevators with a speed of 600 meters per minute.

fastest_elevator_taiwanThe existing record-holder is an elevator installed in a high-rise in Taiwan that can travel 1,010 meters per minute. Hitachi plans to install the model in 111-story, 530-meter Guangzhou CTF Financial Center, in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.The high-rise is expected to be completed in 2016. The 111-story building will be 530 meters tall. China accounts for roughly 60 percent of global demand for elevators due to the country’s high-rise boom.
Guangzhou CTF Financial Center

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