Hitachi UV Hf86 fluorescent lamp with Luminance on Par with 400 W Mercury Lamp

Hitachi Lighting Ltd Japan, unveiled High Power UV Hf86 fluorescent lamp and Hf86 High Power lighting equipment using the new lamp. The new Hitachi UV Hf86 fluorescent lamp can provide luminance on par with that of a 400-watt mercury lamp by a power consumption approximately half that of the mercury lamp. The new lamp is intended for applications in factories and warehouses where at present 400-watt mercury lamps are widely used. Hitachi expects to replace them with the latest fluorescent lamp. By attaching two lamps to the equipment, it is capable of providing a luminance of 21,400 lm, which is equivalent to that of a mercury lamp. Thus, it is possible to replace a mercury lamp with the new fluorescent lamp. The new Hitachi lamp only requires a power consumption of 208 W, which is about a half that of a mercury lamp.

The Hitachi Hf86 fluorescent lamp is a lamp dedicated to high-frequency lighting, which is about 2.5 m long and has a high luminous efficiency of about 110 lm/W. The company modified the control circuit of lighting equipment to boost the output, thereby increasing the luminance to 1.2 times that of the existing products. The High Power UV Hf86 fluorescent lamp comes in the FHF86EN-HPV and FHF86ED-HPV models, in warm white and daylight colors, respectively. The expected retail price is 4,500 yen ($39).The fluorescent lamp and lighting equipment are slated for launch Oct. 1, 2007.