Hitachi’s Laundry/Dryer with 80,000 Combinations of Settings

The new Hitachi top-loading “Beat Wash” laundry/dryer machine allows you to choose water level, washing time and the way of rinsing, among other factors, and program up to three “family styles.” The combinations of water level, water amount, spin-drying time, the way of rinsing and so on extend to about 80,000 choices. Thanks to the improved water-saving performance, Hitachi Beat Wash laundry/dryer machine needs 25 L of tap water to wash and dry 7 kg of clothes when using leftover bath water. Using the leftover bath water for the second rinse, the new model has further reduced tap water consumption from its predecessor model’s 37 L. After the second rinse, the machine rinses the clothes using tap water for finishing.

The new model of Hitachi top-loading “Beat Wash” laundry/dryer machine series will be available in Japan from July 1, 2007. Pricing for the 9 kg (7 kg for drying) “BW-D9HV” and 8 kg (4.5 kg fro drying) “BW-D8HV” is expected to be around 210,000 yen (USD 1,730) and 170,000 yen (USD 1,400) respectively.