Honda announces the sales of Worlds Most Compact Design Household Gas Engine Cogeneration Unit in Japan

Honda would begin sales this month of an all-new ultra-efficient household MCHP (micro combined heat and power) gas engine cogeneration unit through gas utilities across Japan. Building on its well-received predecessors with a completely new design, MCHP1.0K2 serves as the core unit in the household cogeneration system ECOWILL, burning natural or liquid propane gas to generate electricity and heat water simultaneously for exceptionally high energy efficiency. MCHP1.0K2 features Honda’s EXlink (Extended Expansion Linkage Engine), whose expansion stroke is longer than its intake stroke, resulting in a high expansion ratio for greatly increased thermal efficiency and fuel efficiency. MCHP1.0K2 with the world’s most compact design for a cogeneration unit makes it easy to install in a wide variety of homes.

As part of a household cogeneration system that includes a water heater, MCHP1.0K2 can help a household save ¥50,000 ($610) in power and heating costs per year. With gas-powered household cogeneration units and thin-film solar panels as featured products, Honda’s home power generation business supports ecological household energy production and consumption, thereby helping to realize the low-carbon society of the future.