Honda begins collaborative Testing of its Walking Assist Device

Honda will begin collaborative testing of its experimental walking assist device from July 1, 2008, with Shinseikai Medical Group, Kasumigaseki-Minami Hospital (Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture). The Honda Walking Assist Device is created to support walking by the elderly and other people with weakened leg muscles. The compatibility and effectiveness of Honda’s walking assist device will be evaluated during rehabilitation training to help people relearn to walk safely and efficiently.

Currently Honda Walking Assist Device is in the feasibility stage and Honda has been showcasing and gathering feedback from a wide range of people who experienced the device at relevant trade shows including the International Trade Fair on Barrier Free Equipments & Rehabilitation for the Elderly & the Disabled (BARRIER FREE 2008) held in April (at Intex Osaka) and at the Welfare 2008 in June (at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall).