Honda Forza Smart 2-seater Concept Scooter

This 250cc scooter combines high quality comfort with information-related functions for safe and pleasant city riding for two. The Honda Forza Smart 2-seater can be equipped with the same ‘go-anywhere’ portable AVN entertainment system as the Fit Daily Active concept vehicle, allowing easy transposition from one to the other for increased versatility. Conversation between operator and passenger is facilitated by the inter-communication system and music can be shared thanks to the front/rear speakers. Body and seat color themes are coordinated with that of the Fit Daily Active concept vehicle.

The LED headlights, LED front fog lights, welcome lighting and passenger backrest with built-in wing-type high visibility high-mount stop lamp also reflect the same up-to-date concept seen in the Fit Daily Active. The Forza Smart 2-seater is all about fun, comfortable city riding for two.