Honda Gas-Powered Mini-Tiller Runs on Home-use Butane Gas Canisters

Honda will begin sales in Japan of the Pianta1 FV200, an easy-to-use gas-powered mini-tiller that runs on readily available, easy-to-use and store home-use butane gas canisters. The Honda Pianta FV200 is designed to provide easy fuel handling and operation, and for easy transport and storage. Designed to use butane gas canisters, widely available for home-use portable stoves, it enables easy engine startup and refueling so that even a novice can enjoy flower and vegetable gardening more casually. It comes with a carrying box to help keep the storage area clean and a carrying stand with built-in wheels (standard equipment), to ensure easy transport and storage for outstanding all-round convenience. The Pianta’s butane-powered engine emits 10% less CO2 than a gasoline engine of the same displacement.

Honda Gas-Powered Mini-Tiller Pianta1 FV200 will go on sale in Japan on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at Honda power products dealers (authorized agricultural equipment dealers and home centers) throughout Japan.