Household Insecticide kills bugs with a powerful minus 40-degree spray

0703061.jpgLion Corporation Japan has launched a nationwide release of Jet Sprays for Flying and Creeping Bugs and Flying Bugs. These insecticide sprays do not contain any chemical pesticide ingredients, but kill unpleasant bugs instantly by freezing them with a powerful minus 40-degree spray. In order to effectively exterminate insects, it is important to quickly eliminate a large amount of heat from their body surface. Varsan Hyosatsu Jet Spray for Flying Bugs and Varsan Hyosatsu Jet Spray for Creeping Bugs realize instant and efficient freezing by utilizing two cooling agents of different vaporization rates. When sprayed on insects, one of the agents immediately vaporizes to a minus 40-degree gas. The deep-freeze agent diffuses in the air as a mist, then attaches to the insect’s body surface and evaporates by taking a large amount of heat.

With this combination of liquid and gas cooling agents, this product brings more substantial efficiency as an insecticide than using a single agent. Adults with small children can feel at ease using the non-pesticide spray and no odor lingers after use of the spray.