HP StreamSmart 400 four-port data collector

HP StreamSmart is part of the new HP Mobile Calculating Lab solution for middle and high school math and science classes. It also includes an HP 39gs or 40gs graphing calculator, a variety of Fourier scientific sensors and probes, calculator presentation software and classroom instruction materials. HP StreamSmart 400 is a four-port data collector that helps math and science students visualize experiment results in real time. Just plug it into the HP 39gs or 40gs calculator and a probe or sensor and start streaming data at up to 5,700 samples per second.

The sensors capture physical data – like temperature, light or sound. Then, StreamSmart translates the probe signals into numerical data and displays it graphically on the calculator screen at speeds up to 5,700 samples per second. As a result, students can better visualize concepts and their impact on the real world, such as industrial run-off into a water supply