HUMMER to launch mobile phones under the HUMMER brand name in 2007

HUMMER, a division of General Motors Corporation, and Modelabs Group, Customized Design Manufacturer, announced an exclusive and international licensing agreement to design, produce, market and distribute a line of mobile phones, accessories and on-device services under the HUMMER brand name in 2007. ModeLabs Group, a leader in the field of customization, manufacturing and distribution of cell phones, cell phone accessories and on-device services, will integrate the latest technology in their HUMMER licensed products while helping to build the worldwide brand equity, imagery, and distinct HUMMER lifestyle. This line of HUMMER Consumer Electronics developed is to be durable and high performance, with a rugged design to meet the rigors of today’s consumer’s active lifestyles

The exclusive agreement allows ModeLabs Group to distribute in several continents like Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and North America, including Canada and US, and South America. The launch is planned in the second quarter of 2007.