Ikeman piggy bank flatters you with romantic phrases each time you save

Ikemen meaning good looking guy in Japanese is essentially a heart-shaped electronic piggy bank with an LCD screen for lonely Japanese women. Each time you put your change, the dream boyfriend inside the piggy bank will start flattering you with sweet romantic phrases, compliments (You’re so beautiful”, you’re the best) or even ask for kiss. At times when he is hungry, you have to feed him with a coin. If you are out more than five days be careful- take the bank with you or else your friend will go away leaving a Sayonara note.

There are 5 guys to choose from. Once you’ve saved up 50 thousand yen ($500) you’ll be rewarded with a happy ending. The moneybox has been such a hit in Japan that they’ve come out with a movie featuring the moneybox’s 5 cute characters. The piggy bank is available for approximately $75.