Infineon SMARTi WiMAX world’s smallest dual-band RF transceiver

Infineon Technologies today introduced the world’s smallest, single-chip multi-mode dual-band CMOS RF-transceiver for WiMAX/WiFi applications. The SMARTi WiMAX which supports both IEEE 802.16e WiMAX and IEEE 802.11b/g WLAN in a single CMOS RF silicon chip, will enable broadband wireless applications to incorporate value-added services beyond 3G, including high-speed data downloads, video sharing and VoIP. The SMARTi WiMAX supports the entire spectrum of licensed WiMAX frequencies, allowing for worldwide implementation and seamless roaming using a single RF device. Measuring just 5 x 5 mm2, the SMARTi WiMAX provides excellent EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) and best-in-class current consumption for 802.16e over its leading-edge RF CMOS technology.

Due to its exceptional low noise figure SMARTi WiMAX helps to significantly reduce size and component count of a WiMAX front-end by eliminating the need of external Low Noise Preamplifiers as used in existing solutions. Supporting 64-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, the SMARTi WIMAX also supports LTE (Long-Term-Evolution) requirements as needed for upcoming 4G standards. The SMARTi WiMAX from Infineon is available in sample quantities and will be ready for mass production the second half of 2007