Integral Electronics Introduces 3 Small E-paper Displays for apparel, retail businesses etc

Integral Electronics Corp expanded its lineup of the involatile small displays equipped with cholesteric LCD panels (a variety of electronic paper). The screens of the new Integral Electronics small displays are approximately 58 × 29mm and 128 ×64 pixels for “ICL-12864L,” 45 × 22mm and 128 × 64 pixels for “ICL-12864M,” and 36 × 10mm and 61 × 17 pixels for “ICL-6117.” All of the displays are monochrome and aimed at, for example, apparel business, retail and retail distribution businesses. Integral Electronics Corp assumes that the ICL-12864L and ICL-12864M will be used as electronic inventory tags, name tags and so forth. The two displays have the same pixel count. But the ICL-12864M can display finer images than the ICL-12864L because the pixel pitch of the former (0.35mm) is shorter than that of the latter (0.455mm).

The ICL-6117 is suited for the use with an RFID tag, in addition to a name tag, Integral Electronics said. When a number of articles are stored in a large box in a shipping storage, RFID tags are sometimes used. If the distribution history of a product is shown not only on an RFID tag but on a small display like the ICL-6117, it is possible to check the distribution of goods with eyes, the company said. The company plans to sell the new small displays at ¥2,000-3,000 (US$19.9-29.8) per unit when they are bought in increments of 100 units (excluding the dedicated data writer).