Japan Display announces mass production of Memory-In-Pixel reflective-type LCD module

Japan Display today announced the start of mass production of a Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) reflective-type LCD module which realizes ultra-low power consumption. Since the new reflective-type display shows images by reflecting light it does not require a backlight, which typically contributes to approximately 80% of the power consumption of an LCD module. Since the MIP structure can keep screen images in the static random access memory transistor fabricated in each sub-pixel, in the case of still images, once data is written it is kept, and ultra-low power consumption is achieved. The new scattering layer optimizes the panel’s optical design, and enables a near paper-like display.

Since the display consumes very little electricity it is suitable for ultra-low power applications, like wearable devices, which are not recharged for long periods of time. In addition, a newly-developed scattering layer contributes to bright and crisp reflective-type images. The color display will support development of new applications like wearable devices, smart watches, e-readers, etc., since the ultra-low power consumption display is able to relieve the battery load while maintaining good outdoor visibility.

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