Japan Display Announces Tsumugi Series Providing a New Customer Experience with Movies and Aroma

Japan Display announced the XAQ-01 AQUARIUS (concept name), as a new interface, developed as part of the Tsumugi series, to provide a new customer experience with sight and smell, as a 5 senses device that embodies JDI’s vision. JDI XAQ-01 AQUARIUS is the first part of a collaborative product group to be developed with Narumi, the famous high grade ceramics maker. From the display, embedded in the ceramics, will flow a movie of a flower blossoming, and the space will be filled with an aroma in line with the movements of the flower.

By 2020, with the commercialization of the next generation communication network, 5G, coming online, IoT will progress so much that there will be machines we will come in contact with in our daily lives. Japan Display by defining ideas that have never been heard of before, seeking unlimited technology, JDI will continue to create a world where humans can perform dynamically. With the technological capabilities JDI has, as the top shareholder in the small to medium display maker in the world, the project for promoting not just manufacturing, but creating value, providing value added services and solutions is JDI Future Trip.

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