Japanese firm Petline develops heatstroke monitor for dogs

dog_heatsroke_checkerPetline from Japan has developed a new device which monitors the heatstroke risk of a dog. The device is stored with a database developed in cooperation with veterinarians that analyzes the risk of dogs suffering from heatstroke. Petline with the heatstroke monitor as the level of heat and humidity that can trigger heatstroke is different between humans and dogs.
heat_index_checker_dogsThe heatstroke monitor that can be placed on a dog’s leash or inside their cage, and alerts pet owners with buzzing sounds and blinking lights. The level of risks is divided in four categories, ranging from caution” to hazardous, which should help lessen risks. Dogs are more prone to summer heat because only their paws have sweat glands, which are essential for releasing body heat.Petline’s current location played a role in the development of the gadget. In August 2007, Tajimi, Giju Prefecture, where the company is found, had a 40.9 degrees temperature. It was a record high in Japan at the time.

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