Japanese startup Kairos announces world’s first surgical endoscope with 8K resolution- the KairoScope-E

Tokyo-based startup Kairos announced world’s first surgical endoscope with 8K resolution- the KairoScope-E. The device is used in laparoscopy, a type of surgery that is performed through a small incision in the patient’s abdomen. The 8K laparoscope, KairoScope-E has 16 times more pixels than conventional devices. This allows surgeons to see things that are invisible to the naked eye, such as narrow blood vessels and sutures a tenth of the width of a human hair. The 8K laparoscope can create high-definition images without getting too close to the part being worked on, which gives the surgeon more freedom of movement.

In October, Sony Olympus Medical Solutions, a joint venture between Sony and Olympus, began selling Orbeye, a digital surgical microscope that combines 4K resolution with 3-D technology. Surgeons wear special goggles during an operation to see images captured by a camera set up above the patient. The goggles give surgeons a 3-D view that allows them to keep their eyes on what they are doing without looking through a separate microscope. This eases the workload and increases safety.

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The 8K laparoscope, KairoScope-E is about 5cm long and weighs 370 grams. It is priced at 60 million yen ($528,000). The firm Kairos hopes to sell 300 units annually in Japan by 2020.

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