JRC NTF-291 compact outdoor-installable Mobile WiMAX Base Station

Japan Radio Company (JRC) unveiled its compact, outdoor-installable Mobile WiMAX Base Station NTF-291 at WiMAX World USA 2007. JRC NTF-291 Mobile WiMAX BS contains a IEEE Std 802.16TM-2005 based MAC and PHY unit, two RF units for MIMO Matrix A and B capability, a GPS oscillator for synchronization, and a versatile Network interface unit on an all-in-one chassis of 370H x 320W x 270D dimensions.

The network interface unit of NTF-291 has two modes which will cover a wide range of deployment scenarios from starting very small ASNs to dense networks in metropolitan areas. This compact, all-in-one outdoor-installable design will facilitate the site acquisition and installation operation.