Just like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Sierra Blair-Coyle climbs 33-storey building using two LG CordZero canister vacuum cleaners

With nothing more than two LG CordZero canister vacuum cleaners strapped to her back, professional rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle successfully scaled the side of a 140-meter high-rise building just like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. She climbed the 33-storey building using only the vacuuming power of LG’s latest CordZero vacuum cleaner. The premium LG cordless vacuum cleaners created enough suction to support Blair-Coyle’s weight while she carefully climbed toward the roof. Blair-Coyle completed the climb in less than 30 minutes, stopping only once for a fresh pair of vacuums, successfully pulling off the first stunt of its kind.

LG_latest CordZero vacuum cleanerLG’s Smart Inverter Motor offers the most powerful performance in the cordless vacuum category, combining high efficiency with durability in a compact size. The Smart Inverter Motor is on average 28 percent smaller, 24 percent lighter and 13 percent more efficient than conventional vacuum motors. The highly efficient PowerPack 80V lithium-ion battery provides up to 40 minutes of power in regular mode after a four-hour charge. The total weight of both cleaners and the climber was approximately 70kg.

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It was a part of LG Electronics’ efforts to publicize the power and efficiency of its product.
LG-CordZero-Climbing_Sierra Blair-Coyle
Sierra Blair-Coyle _LG-CordZero-Climbing-Stunt_2016

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