Kenwood Satellite speaker system KSC-SS10

The satellite speaker system “KSC-SS10” from Kenwood Japan for car audio uses natural mineral charcoal for the diaphragm. Natural flat charcoal with high hardness minimizes distortion to a very great extent. The speakers produce high treble quality playback. The 2 way speaker system with sealed 66mmBINCHO-TAN Plus PP Hybrid cone woofer and 20mmPEI balance dome tweeter with playback frequency 120Hz – 70kHz, 83dB impedance at 4Ω measures 110W×115H×122D and weighs 0.42kg (1) speaker.

The Kenwood treble quality satellite speaker system KSC-SS10 will be available in Japan from early December for approximately 24,990 Yen $215). Enjoy listening to music using home theater speakers.
Via – Kenwood(Japanese)
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